dr lina shiyab explaining patients spinal results

What Does a Chiropractor Do in a Visit?

At ChiroRelief we take a great deal of care to ensure your problems are addressed safely and effectively. In your first and second visits your chiropractor will examine your personal history, diagnose problems through a clinical examination and diagnostic imaging, and provide a comprehensive treatment plan to you.

On your first consultation

To begin, you will be asked to complete a personal history form which will help us to become familiar with your medical and lifestyle history, as well as information on the source of your pain or discomfort.

A clinical examination will take place in which your chiropractor will examine the area of concern and ask you further questions about the problem. It won’t be unusual for your chiropractor to pay attention to your heart, abdomen and lungs as well as your spine, muscles, joints and nerves to gain a holistic understanding of your health. If required, we may also refer you to attain further diagnostic imaging such as MRI, CT scans or X-rays. X-rays are a particularly useful tool for chiropractors, as this enables us to rule out or in certain pathologies and identify any problematic misalignments that may be present along your spine.

On your second consultation

The next time you visit ChiroRelief you will talk with your chiropractor about the results from your initial consultation. Examination and diagnostic results will have been compiled, and the chiropractor will report any areas of concern that may have been uncovered upon the initial examination and further investigations. If you’ve had X rays or scans you will be shown these results and how the findings compare to a normal spine or joint.

The next step is to discuss our recommended treatment of the issues at hand. This will include treatment at our practice and any home care techniques that can help to improve your condition. Your chiropractor will then answer any questions you may have about the proposed treatment.

You will be provided these findings and any imaging results along with a care plan outlining our recommendations. From here, if you are happy with the proposed treatment plan and have no further questions, you may consent to having treatment and begin your journey to self improvement and wellbeing.