ChiroRelief provides cupping as a safe and effective method for relaxing contracted muscles in a targeted way. Loss of muscle, adhesions in fascia and decrease in blood flow causes the fascia to get knotted and scarred, limiting movement and causing tension, discomfort and even pain.

What does cupping involve?

The chiropractor will take time to identify trigger points throughout the patient’s body that cause pain, tension or discomfort when pressed, which are often felt as knots in the back, neck, arms, legs or shoulders.

When the cups are placed over these specific regions, it helps the body reverse these unwanted symptoms and effects. Cupping initially pulls blood into a specific area. The tissues are saturated with fresh blood while the vacuum pulls stagnant blood out of the area. As new blood is forced into the tissue, the body begins to develop new blood vessels called neovascularization. As these new vessels form, the ability to feed the surrounding tissues with nutrients and oxygen can begin – healing the targeted area by the micro-trauma that the cupping gently instigates.

You can see this in the bruising that will most likely appear after treatment. The more the area is in need of fresh blood flow, circulation and treatment, the more severe the bruising. As the area heals, the bruising becomes less and less. Bruises typically last between 2-5 days.

Who can benefit from cupping?

Cupping can assist with problems that have been causing discomfort or restricted movement over the long term as well as short-term musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. It provides relief for those with shoulder, knee and lower back pain, tendinitis, trigger point pain, cramps, muscles spasms, short and contracted muscles in general. The technique has been used to great effect in relieving head and neck pain including tension-type headaches and migraines. It allows the fascia to release, and promotes healing in the targeted area, very similar to dry needling but with varying results and points of focus.

Targeted relief from pain and tension

Cupping is a naturally effective way to target a wide range of conditions and injuries in the body, and several treatments may be required to reach trigger points deep in the muscles. If this technique is right for your circumstances your chiropractor will take you through the process in detail and provide a clear outline of what to expect before treatment begins.